IC Information Edit

Name: Yuna
Fandom: Final Fantasy X
Timeline: I will be taking Yuna from close to the beginning of the game, after she has gained her first summons (Valefor) and exited the Fayth Chamber.
Age: 17


Appearance Edit

Yuna has smooth, rounded features which are framed by brown hair that just barely brushes her shoulders. Her most unusual, and memorable, feature is her eyes; she has heterochromatic eyes, one being cobalt blue and the other a grass green.

Yuna's 161cm tall, and wears a white and night-blue dress, fashioned similarly to a furisode kimono; it is adorned with a yellow obi. A pair of black boots completes the basic outfit and can be seen from under the hem of her dress. Her outfit, and the necklace she wears, are both decorated with hibiscus flowers - they are a reference to her character being compared to the moon. She also wears two rings, one silver, pearl bracelet and a pair of wooden, pearl earrings. The costume is designed to flow, and gives Yuna a graceful appearance.


Abilities Edit

Yuna is not physically strong, but is well versed in magical attacks and defence.

An important weapon for any summoner is the Staff (Rod) that they carry with them, to summon aeons with. Her Staff is made from three parts; a golden head attached to a silver joint which leads on to a blue haft. The base of the staff is red, with a golden end, and attached to the Staffs base is a piece of blue fabric, with a bell on the end. It harnesses the summoners energy. Yuna's equipped with her original Staff, and mainly uses her abilities to heal (restore HP, and revive from KO) and to increase someone’s defence of either the elements or magical/physical damage. She can also help to make her comrades faster and the monsters they face slower.

The only aeon Yuna has at this point in the timeline is Valefor, a beast quite like a grand bird. Aeons are made from the souls of people trapped in statues, within the Fayth Chambers. Valefor comes from the Besaid temple, and has the powers to perform an energy blast and ray. His unique attack is Sonic Wings, which sends a blast of air at the enemy - hitting them and causing the damage.

When a person dies, in order to keep them from becoming an undead (a monster), a summoner is needed to perform a 'sending'. The Staff is needed for this. A sending sends the souls of the dead to the Farplane; Spira's version of heaven. A sending looks like a dance; elegant. Yuna has never performed a 'sending', but has the capability to do so.

Personality Edit

Soft spoken and gentle Yuna is a person who regards other peoples needs to be above her own. She always tries to keep a smile on her face, for the sake of others and so that she can keep up the image of being Lord Braska’s daughter - a position that gains her quite a lot of attention. However, Yuna fights for what she thinks is right - immensely disliking injustice, especially if it's towards someone she cares about. She defends her ideals and opinions strongly, and can get annoyed easily if someone annoys her.

A favourite among the villagers she is used to polite conversation, and is thought to be quietly confident and determined. Not wanting to offend anyone she likes to think before she speaks, and often weighs her words carefully. She apologises, and bows (in respect), even when it is not necessary.

People who know Yuna would describe her as a simple woman, who enjoys just seeing a sunset or experiencing something new. A curious streak and sensitivity allow her to enjoy things at base value.

She keeps going for the sake of others.

History Edit

Yuna is the daughter of Lord Braska, the man who brought about the last Calm (a period of ten years where the monster Sin does not attack) and after his death was raised in the small, coastal village Besaid. A quaint, quiet setting; safe and ideal for children. Yuna was actually born in the city Belvelle, the centre of the religion Yevon which is where the use of summoners originated from.

Lord Braska, like all summoners (someone who summons aeons - powerful, magical entities - in order to eradicate Sin), died at the end of his pilgrimage so that he may summon the Final Aeon. Yuna would have been seven at the time, and her mother was an un-named Al Bhed woman (an ethnicity in FFX's world Spira) and is presumed to have passed away as well.

On the island there are several people who she is close to - a man called Wakka, and a woman named Lulu. It's quite evident that she regards them as older siblings, and often asks for guidance from them; albeit she questions Lulu more often than Wakka. She is also accompanied by a Ronso (a tall, lion-like 'man'), Kimahri. These three make up her original guardians (the people who will help her on her journey to summon the Final Aeon).

Having lived in Besaid for most of her life, Yuna knows little of the world outside, and often regards things with a child-like wonder. However, she aspires to become a High Summoner (like her father) and is preparing to begin her pilgrimage to acquire the aeons from the temples around Spira. Aware that summoning the Final Aeon (as she intends to do) will take both the aeon’s life and hers, she still chooses to continue on her pilgrimage.

Yuna has been taken from close to the beginning of the game, when she's just succeeded in becoming a summoner and has gained her first aeon (a magnificent beast named Valefor). Quietly excited, and with renewed determination, she was filled with happiness at her achievement.
When descending the steps in the Fayth Chamber she will have blacked out, the last thing she sees being her guardians (and that strange, blonde boys) shocked faces before she wakes to find herself a sterile, white room in The Facility.