Appearance Edit

Tsunade is about 5’3” with long, blonde hair that she wears in two pony tails. She has amber colored eyes. She does not have the extremely ‘voluptuous’ figure that she is famous for as Hokage, but is attractive and curvy. She wears a light colored, wrap around top with a black belt, black pants and sandals, and a blue, open jacket. She also wears a necklace that she received from her grandfather, three green stones hanging from a black cord.

Abilities Edit

Tsunade is most famous for her superhuman strength and her medical skills. She can use chakra to knock people back with a single finger, open massive trenches in the ground with either a fist or a kick, and heal wounds that others would consider impossible. In the various Ninja Wars, she was able to create antidotes for poisons that baffled everyone else. She can summon slugs to assist her in battle. She is a jounin (elite), so she has all of the skills associated with that rank.

Personality Edit

Tsunade’s temper is famous. Fear of her punches is usually what keeps her teammates in line. Aside from the rather violent dynamic, she is loyal to her team. Even if she doesn’t particularly trust Jiraya and knows that Orochimaru is out for himself. She genuinely enjoys helping people with her medical skills, and supporting her village. She is not yet as pessimistic or jaded as she will be as Hokage. She still has faith in her village and in the position of Hokage, even though she has no interest in the position for herself. There are usually people around her, and she does not like to be alone. She says what’s on her mind, and is impulsive almost to a fault. Aggravating her, or calling her ‘flat chested’, is a sure fire way to exit the room without using the door.

History Edit

Considering where and when she was growing up, Tsunade had a pleasant childhood. She is sometimes called Tsunade-hime because of her ancestry, namely that her grandfather was the First Hokage and her grand-uncle was the Second Hokage. This makes her a descendent of the Senju clan, and quite possibly the last of that clan. Her father was killed when she was very young, so she has no memory of him. Nothing is known of her mother, and may have been a civilian. Tsunade went to the academy and graduated as usual. After becoming a genin, she was assigned to a team with Orochimaru and Jiraya under Sarutobi, the Third Hokage. In a fight with a powerful enemy, their lives were spared and the three were given the title of Sannin. Her younger brother told her that he wanted to be Hokage. She gave him her necklace that originally belonged to the First Hokage as a good luck charm, but he was killed soon afterwards. It was a harsh blow, and her teammates were an important part of her recovery. She has made jounin, and is the leading medic-nin for her village. The Second Great Ninja War is currently in progress, and she has already gained a reputation as a formidable fighter, but she is more famous for her skills with curing poisons and healing.

Facility Facts Edit

  • Tsunade arrived in the middle of week 1
  • She had a very rocky, on again off again relationship with Folken from Escaflowne that lasted five months. It was generally considered the best soap opera around. The relationship ended when Folken was sent back home.
  • Along with Shikamaru, Kakashi, and Obito, they formed a shinobi team of sorts (nicknamed Team Tsunade). She's the unspoken leader, although strategy comes from Shikamaru. There has been some tension with the addition of the other two Sannin, giving her two teams to feel responsible for. When things go wrong in Facility, she tends to default to Team Tsunade.
  • Shikamaru has, on several occasions, taken the future Hokage to task for bad decisions. And he gets away with it. Rumors continue to circulate about these two.
  • The two times that Tsunade was most seriously injured were both in attempts to protect Shikamaru. Once she was skewered by Konan, once she fought Kazuya in devil form. She survived both fights, eventually killed Konan, and beat Kazuya.
  • Tsunade is the unofficial head medic, and is very protective of the healers in the facility.
  • In week 3, Tsunade rescued a monster called a chupacabra (chihuahua with bat wings). The dog demon brothers were using them as a food source. She named her Komaki and she's been Tsunade's pet ever since.
  • Tsunade killed Konan, bare handed, in front of most of the facility in week 14. Sasuke was impressed. Folken was freaked out.
  • In week 16, Kabuto held her prisoner for most of a week, torturing her and refusing to allow her food or to heal anyone involved in a major brawl.
  • In week 22, she asked for her medical journals back. They are stacked in her room, and messing with them will result in massive physical injuries.
  • In week 26, she was killed by the flesh eating bacteria experiment.
  • In week 28, Tsunade was returned after spending nine years at home.  She had lost her fiance Dan six months ago, left the village, and now suffered from hemophobia.  This was promptly put to the test by Shikamaru getting beat to a bloody pulp, and then Sakura dying under her hands. 
  • Sakura was more than willing to help desensitize her mentor, starting in Intern Strike week.
  • Madara creeps her the hell out, and she has been avoiding a confrontation with him. 
  • During the Manhattan field trip, Jiraiya's evil twin played havoc with her emotions, evil Sasha picked through her brain, and evil Kazuya woke her up by dripping blood on her face.  This week resulted in Tsunade refusing to sleep alone and moving into Jiraiya's bed, with Orochimaru along for the ride several times.  She hasn't been able to sleep alone since.  Jiraiya does not mind.
  • Tsunade has been teaching Sakura to summon the slugs.
  • Seeing Shikamaru tortured and needing her help sent her into the sewers in Manhattan, running toward blood for the first time since her return.  Setting up a hospital wing for the victims of evil Allen Walker's torture made a big step forward in her hemophobia, even if she did have a nervous break down and collapse behind the scenes. 
  • There are many rumors of a sannin three-way.  None of the sannin have chosen to comment.
  • In week 34, her grand-father was brought to the Facility.
  • In week 36, she was viciously tortured by Madara and Orochimaru.  Orochimaru was acting as a double agent.  Her hands were basically destroyed, she had a cut carved into her left cheek, and a deep gut wound that resulted in sepsis.  She was rescued at the end of the week when Madara was killed, but Jiraiya was killed in front of her during the fight.
  • In week 38, she started her therapy sessions with Sasha.
  • Tsunade and Jiraiaya scandalized the populace by having sex during naked week.  They were the first couple to do so that week.
  • No lying week did a lot of good for repairing Team Sannin and the team started to function again.
  • Week 42, after the tailed beast rampages, Jiraiya was given a birthday he would never forget.
  • Tsunade did get a tribble, but Komaki promptly ate it.
  • Zero gravity week, Tsunade killed Yoh for being Subject 002.  There was a minor relapse into hemophobia.