Trowa Barton
Species Human
Age 15
Gender Male
Height 5'10" or 177 cm
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Apped from Gundam Wing
Mun Kyoki

Appearance Edit

Trowa is tall and lanky, a mere two inches below six foot. He's very skinny and pale, but very muscled and athletic. His hair is a dark brown and styled to fall over one eye in long bangs while the rest is rather short. Usually only one green eye shows, as the other is covered by his bangs. He has an affinity for turtlenecks and light-wash jeans.

Abilities Edit

Trowa has had a knack for technology from an early age. He was the first of the five pilots to ever climb inside a robot and bring it to battle. He also has experience fixing up the Gundams, as he was a mechanic before he became a pilot. A man of many talents, he is graced with excellent poise and balance. He is a tight-rope walking clown in the traveling circus he works at and is also excellent at working with animals. Oddly enough, he is also an experienced flutist. His specialty is espionage, as he can easily blend into the background.

Personality Edit

In a word, Trowa is quiet. He's the type of person that only speaks when necessary because he can say everything he needs to with a single look. He's usually seen with the same blank expression, though he has been known to smile and even laugh on occasion. It's his calm disposition that lets him work well with the lions of the circus; as he says it, beasts will only bear their fangs to a threat. Very few things and very few people have been able to pull any kind of reaction out of the man, though he has developed a friendship with a few of the other pilots. He is very nurturing towards them and has helped them recover from battle on more than one occasion.
In battle, Trowa is calculating and precise. He waits until the opportune moment, then unleashes an all-out attack on all enemies, all while showing absolutely no emotion. Despite his skills at blending in with a crowd, there are signs that he would like to be in the spotlight. His choice of being a performer as a side-job and the fact that he took the name of an extremely famous man are both indicators of this secret wish.

History Edit

Trowa started life with a name and a family, just like everyone else. The problem is that he doesn't remember it.

His earliest memory is being taken in by a group of rebels. The men grew fond of the intelligent child with no name and taught him how to pilot a mobile suit at a very early age. From when the rebels found him to the day he became the pilot of Heavyarms, Trowa was known as Nanashi, or No-Name. He stayed with the group until they were annihilated by a young girl named Middie who used transmitters disguised as a hand-held game and a crucifix, given to No-Name, to spy on them. They were destroyed by the Alliance and Nanashi began to wander again, leaving behind the young girl that betrayed her first love to feed her family.

Though the exact time is uncertain, it was later that he became a mechanic for the Barton group during the planning of Project Meteor. The real Trowa Barton was very friendly to him, but the scientists behind Project Meteor were afraid that he would carry out the original purpose of the project and shot him. Nanashi saw the crime and calmly volunteered to pilot the mobile suit in the dead man's place, on the condition that he could use his name. They agreed and that was the start of Trowa's career as a Gundam pilot.

Once sent down to earth, he was employed at a traveling circus where he met Catherine Bloom, a woman who is strongly suspected to be his older sister. She took a liking to the silent young man and became very protective over him. After joining up with the other pilots, Trowa began to form friendships with them, though he was still emotionally distant. He spent some time with Wufei after the teen was defeated by Treize and nursed Heero back to health after he self-detonated his gundam. He spent a lot of time with the fellow soldier and they became close friends from then on.

Later, the circus Trowa worked at was to preform at an enemy base. Based on what Heero had told him, Trowa decided to sacrifice himself and detonate his gundam, but when he opened the cockpit to tell Catherine to flee, she sucker-punched him in the face and told him not to throw his life away. They escaped the encounter and Trowa lent his gundam Heavyarms to Heero, leaving it behind to go into outer space. While there, he infiltrates the OZ base and is made the pilot of a prototype mobile suit due to his excellent piloting record. He helped Heero, who had been captured, escape and made his friend the pilot of the Mercurius. They confronted Quatre, a fellow pilot that had been driven temporarily insane by the ZERO system. It wasn't until Trowa's mobile suit was destroyed by Quatre and the teen presumed dead that the pilot came back to his senses.
However, Trowa was not dead. He was later found wandering in a colony by Catherine, vulnerable and memory-less. Determined to see that he was not harmed any further by the war, she became a big sister to him and took him back to the circus. It is there that Quatre finds him and despite Catherine's best efforts to keep him from getting involved again, Trowa goes back with the blond despite his amnesia.

Facility Information Edit

  • Trowa arrived during Week 3.
  • Trowa regained his memories thanks to the efforts of Tsunade.
  • Trowa is often jokingly referred to as Nurse Trowa oocly, and there have been discussions about acquiring a female nurse costume for him, including the hat and mini-skirt.

20 Headcanon Facts Edit

1.) Trowa doesn't know how to read music, but he can play just about anything by ear.
2.) He used to play for the other soldiers when he was working with the Barton group.
3.) He absolutely loves performing in front of people.
4.) But he absolutely loathes public speaking. He can do just about anything in front of huge crowds and cameras, so long as speaking isn't required.
5.) Street performances are also a no-go. He likes for there to be a good amount of distance between himself and the audience.
6.) No, he's not embarrassed by the ridiculous clown get-up at all.
7.) He was pretty short as a child, but at some point he hit a growth spurt and became tall and lengthy.
8.) He knows how to cook, though it's mostly the kind of meals you'd expect someone who has grown up as a soldier to make.
9.) He has a very strong sweet tooth, but doesn't indulge it very often.
10.) The reason he doesn't is because he likes to keep sweets a special-occasion-only thing.
11.) Trowa really enjoys taking care of people, whether they be physically or emotionally hurt.
12.) He can get a little confused when they try to return the favor, though.
13.) The only thing he considers to be of any value about himself are his skills as a pilot and mechanic.
14.) You name it, he can take it apart and build you a better one.
15.) Once he's fully opened up to someone, it's near impossible for him to close up around them again. It doesn't happen too often, though.
16.) His mask stays on with very thin but very strong strings.
17.) His favorite thing to do after a hard mission is take a nice, long bath and sleep in. Pretty much foreign concepts during the war, though.
18.) He naturally feels closer to animals than people, since he doesn't consider himself to be a real person.
19.) He's managed to hang on to his virginity so far, but his first kiss was stolen by a female mechanic back when he was working for the Barton group. He got nothing out of it.
20.) He has a genuine love for learning new things, but prefers learning it by himself than through a teacher in a classroom setting.