Soul Eater Evans
Soul is not amused
Species Weapon
Age 14-15
Gender Male
Height ???
Weight ???
Hair White
Eyes Red
Affiliation Shibusen
Apped from After the Kishin was revived
Mun R.B.

Appearance Edit

Soul has spiky white hair with either a headband or a hairband in it, lazy blood red eyes, and a mouth full of shark-like teeth. He wears a yellow and black sweater with red pants, and later on he wears an orange shirt, black jacket, and gray jeans. When seen bare-chested or naked, he has a large diagonal scar and stitches across his torso.

Abilities Edit

Soul is a weapon. He can turn into a scythe, but is useless without his Meister to use him. With his Meister he can preform a 'Soul Resonance' and use an attack called 'Witch Hunt'. He can transform one of his arms into a scythe blade and attack with it, but despite having the ability to perform a partial transformation, Soul's use and threat to the enemy is greatly reduced in the absence of his Meister. He is possessed by a little demon, which was born when he was infected with the Black Blood. Once the Black Blood is activated, he can allow it to invade the blood stream of those performing soul resonance with him.

Personality Edit

Soul is a laid back and nonchalant person. His soul is described as belonging to "a twisted person with a sarcastic soul". He likes to mold himself to his expectations of how someone "cool" would act. Being a supposedly cool guy, he prefers to use the direct approach much of the time. He is also possibly one of the most loyal people one could ever possibly meet, since breaking promises and changing sides "isn't at all cool in the least." He also isn't the type to form bonds with others or even trust them that easily.

History Edit

Not much is know about his past or family. He is the first weapon to be born in his family of musicians and has a talent for playing the piano. To get away from his family, he use his weapon side as an excuse to go to the school Shibusen, a school for Weapons and Meisters. There he met his Meister, Maka, who he created a strong bond with.
Over a period of time, they killed 99 pre-Kishins and ate their souls in order to become a Death Scythe, the personal weapon for Shinigami-sama. When it came to the last soul, the soul of a witch, they went after the witch, Blair. However, they made a mistake and she was not a witch but a cat with strong magic instead. After eating the cat's soul, all 99 other souls were taken away by Shinigami-sama.
Starting over again, Soul and Maka were sent on an assignment and encountered the Devil Sword User, Crona, who attacked them. When Soul got hurt in weapon form, Maka was scared to attack or defend, causing them to be backed up into a wall. When Crona went in for the final blow, Soul turned back into human form and took the attack for her. Nearly dieing after that, he was taken to the hospital and the wound was stitched up. It was then revealed that he was infected by the Black Blood of the Devil Sword, which when used can give him great strength, at the cost of his sanity.At the party for the founding of Shibusen, the city was attack by witches who wanted to revive the Kishin, a demon god, that was hidden under the school. Soul, Maka and their other friends were sent to prevent this from happening. Encountering Crona again, they used the Black Blood again to help them. Soul let it invade Maka's blood, causing her to be strong but insane. After she calmed Crona down through her wavelengths, Soul was able to pulled her out of insanity. After the Kishin was revived and escaped, everyone was told to rest and heal their injuries before any new missions.

Facility Facts Edit

  • Soul has been in the Facility since the end of Week 19
  • He's been in a slight depression since being there, but is getting better
  • Died during Week 26 due to flesh-eating bacteria