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This began with simple out-of-character jokes and depreciating references to Shikamaru's masculinity (or lack thereof), all of which quickly compounded and morphed into something somewhat twisted and amazing with Itachi's introduction into the game. No one was particularly surprised when their in-character relationship began to almost mirror out-of-character interactions, and soon enough "Shikamama" and "Itachipapa" were born.

For anyone possibly confused by the implications of the title of this article, as well as the notes made on the Facility Humor page, Uchiha Itachi and Nara Shikamaru are not actually involved in a romantic relationship in this RP. The origins and dynamics of their odd friendship are laid out below.

The Origins of Shikamama Edit

Shikamama was born very early in the game. Cut off from his normal teammates and given instead a strange crew of characters from varying points of time in the Naruto universe, Shikamaru took it upon himself to keep tabs on his new teammates. The chaos wouldn't regulate itself, after all. Shikamaru's dedication to the "King" and the mun's personal head-canon were helpful in facilitating the creation of this new, maternal figure, later dubbed "Shikamama". Sasuke, being only eight-years-old and far more innocent and naive than the Sasuke Shikamaru knew, was of special interest.

The Introduction of Itachipapa Edit

Itachipapa's introduction to the facility was a strain on the entire shinobi population. Being, at the time, the only shinobi from far enough into the Naruto canon to know of Itachi's problematic past, especially when concerning his brother and clan, Shikamaru took it upon himself to inform the other shinobi of the danger Itachi presented, especially to Sasuke. He would come to somewhat regret this decision afterwards, but stand by it when later questioned.

The shinobi present at the time (Shikamaru, Tsunade, Kakashi, and Naruto) quickly closed ranks around Sasuke, doing all in their power to keep him separated from the older Uchiha in spite of both brothers' insistence otherwise. The Facility, however, is not the easiest place to hide a child in, and Sasuke eventually managed to slip away and find his beloved older brother. Itachi then managed to hide the boy for several days, causing confusion and near-panic in the other shinobi as they searched and waited, unaware of Sasuke's condition and location.

The Marriage of Shikamama and Itachipapa Edit

Shikamaru took it upon himself to begin "negotiations" with the elder Uchiha, and the two came to an agreement. Itachi would pose no threat to the subjects of the facility and would attempt to keep present Akatsuki members in line, and in return the Konoha shinobi would no longer separate the two brothers, nor would they target Itachi as an enemy. It was also unconditionally agreed that Sasuke would never be told of his own future or that of his clan.

The marriage between Shikamama and Itachipapa is one of business and convenience. The only real interactions between them in the beginning all involved Sasuke, for it was the only thing they held in common. Itachi still held onto too many secrets to gain the complete trust of his peers... that is, until he finally betrayed the Akatsuki. Week fourteen brought a flood upon the facility, and with the forced close-quarters came a violent interaction involving most of the shinobi present, along with a few others, all of this driven by two different confrontations with Konan (who has since been terminated) in the weeks before. Unbenownst to his "allies" in Akatsuki, Itachi used a genjutsu on Konan, distracting her just enough to allow Tsunade to land the final blow. The Akatsuki are still unaware of this betrayal, but the assistance did not go unnoticed by Shikamaru and the other Konoha shinobi.

And so, the trust between Shikamama and Itachipapa grew.

Relationship Development Edit

To be completed later when the author is no longer falling asleep at her laptop.