Sasha Nein
World Famous Super Agent
Species Human/Psychic
Age Late 20s-Early 30s
Gender Male
Height ???
Weight ???
Hair Black
Eyes Gray
Affiliation Psychonauts
Apped from Pre-Being Kidnapped
Mun User:DreadPirateBlueTail

Sasha Nein is a character from the videogame Psychonauts.

Abilities Edit

Sasha is a psychic, a very powerful one none the less. Instead of being able to just bend a spoon like we ’ooh’ and ’aww’ at, he can blow stuff up with his mind. That’s right, mind bullets.

  • Telekinesis: Can move objects with his mind.
  • Levitation: He can use this ability to levitate himsel.
  • Invisibility: I think the name says it all.
  • Pyrokinesis: The ability to set things and people on fire. With his mind.
  • Clairvoyance: Allows him to see through someone else’s (or something’s) eyes.
  • Shield: At level one, it can protect himself from damage, at level two he can uses it offensively against melee attacks and send the attack right back at the one who did it. At level three, the melee will be thrown back and damage the one who sent it at him.
  • Confusion: AKA Sensory Scramble. With this ability he can stun enemies or even make them attack themselves or others.
  • Marksmanship: His mind bullets, he takes his rage and uses it to fire lasers. Something he is an expert at.
  • Telepathy: He can read people’s minds and communicate via it.Can use a Psycho-Portal to enter your mind.

Personality Edit

He has a controlled personality, not one to easily panic or go off guard. He looks at things through logic. He sets his priorities and follows through with them not letting other things get into the way. Sasha has a very mathematical mind and will think too much on something (almost as if he is in his own little world.) He is often seen down in his lab working on expanding his knowledge. He cares little for the fame being a top-class Psychonaut had brought him, and in fact doesn’t even seem to notice that people idolize him.

His mind is portrayed as a black-gray-white cube in which he keeps things hidden away and controlled. But he will even admit it isn’t good to be 100 percent controlled all the time (his mind has often been related to ‘Obsession’ in fact that many figments of his imagination are of cockroaches and cleaning items. While the others seem to relate to his childhood.)

History Edit

Sasha was born in Germany as the son of a shoemaker. His mother was a sweet woman who loved her son very much but grew sick and died when he was young. His father fell into a depression leaving Sasha with many questions about just who his mother was. When Sasha was in his tweens he decided to ask his father about her and alas was brushed off about it. So, he used his psychic ability to delve into his mind. He saw that his father thought of Sasha’s mother as a wonderful woman and is surely in Heaven. But, Sasha delved a bit too deeply and saw that his father did see his mom as a sexual figure and quite truthfully that freaked Sasha out so he promptly ran away from home. Once he was out on the streets he got a job working at a lamp-factory making Tiffany styled lamps and had a miserable time doing so (to this day he has an extreme hatred for the lamps considering them ’So ugly that they must die’ and that when one is destroyed the world is a better place. In his mind, the Lamp Factory is seen as a Metropolis-style building with fire shooting out of it.)

He eventually left the Factory and got a job as a ’Psychonaut’ a secret-agent for Psychic affairs that fight the bad guys in their own minds. He was partnered up with Milla Vodello- The Mental Minx- and a specalist in levitation. Together they became the stuff of Psychonaut legend (all the little spoon benders want to grow up to be them) and eventually they became camp counselors down at ‘Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp’. During summer orentation one day, the hero of the game (Raz) snuck into camp and interested Sasha intensely (wanting to perform experiments on him and help him with his growth as a psychic. He sees Rasputin as a short version of himself.) and thus once Raz passed ’basic braining’ he told Raz to meet him in his lab and put him into the ’Brain Tumbler’. But, the young Psycho-Cadet needed various tools and he sent Raz to get the things needed (such as Marksmanship-Training permission and an Oarsman’s badge to learn to levitate ) but right after he sent Raz in for the last time, he would be brought here.

Doctor's Observations Edit

The weeks are listed by his own timeline instead of the timeline of the roleplay.

  • Week One: psychoanalyzing other subjects, possibly using subjects for personal experiments, unusual use of logic
  • Week Two: attempting to repair psychological damage suffered by other experiments, possibly for personal gain and personal experimentation
  • Week Three: (as a five year old) separation anxiety focused on parental figures, eager to replace bonds in attempt to remain functional
  • Week Four: Bizarre reaction to shock treatment, states 'yes, ouch' with introduction of pain. Indication of masochistic behavior?
  • Week Five: Extremely boisterous and friendly, possibly not chemically naive, showed little effect on over all intelligence
  • Week Six: Supportive of other subjects, unknown motivators, appears to have previous relationship with 28A (Razputin)
  • Week Seven: Being used by other subjects as a shield against 12C (Mewtwo)
  • Week Eight: Increasingly relegated to the role of counselor, attempting to repair damage done to subjects, consider for removal
  • Week Nine: Controlling, paternal relationship with 28A, showing inability to form bonds other than that of counsellor or experimenter, inability to lose control

20 Headcanon Meme Edit

1.) Has A- blood type. People with blood type A have a deep-rooted strength that helps them stay calm in a crisis when everyone else is panicking. However, they tend to avoid confrontation, and feel very uncomfortable around people. A types are shy and sometimes withdrawn. They seek harmony and are very polite, but all the same feel that they never really fit in with others. A types are very responsible. If there is a job to be done, they prefer to take care of it themselves. These people crave success and are perfectionists.

2.) The reason why he wears his sunglasses 24/7 unless somehow they break is because he has Photophobia (sensitivity to light). He will not tell what caused it nor tell people he has it. If anyone asks, he will just say 'They are prescription.' (it is partly because of an eye injury he received during his early days as a Psychonaut (spoonbending accident) and partially because he is colorblind in the injured eye.)

3.) He talks to his Aunt Bernie more than his Father. -3a.) He has yet to come out as a psychic to his father. (would you if you ever went into said person's mind and found out their private adult thoughts?)

4.) He doesn't read True Psychic Tales due to thinking it is a 100 percent rag magazine. Even though somehow he is the star of many true stories in it. He doesn't know he has a fanbase thanks to it anyways.

5.) Telepathy and Psychic Marksmanship are his two strong points. -5a.) Telepathy is more natural to him and was the first ability he could use. -5b.) Likes Marksmanship more though because why should you talk out a problem when you can blow it up?

6.) Can make shoes and lamps from the basics. But it will be a cold day in hell with Satan busting down the GPC with a snowplow before he makes either without plenty of begging and pleading from the person who needs it. -6a.) The shoes only because who the hell needs to make their own shoes now a days. Really.

7.) Worked at the lamp factory from 12-16. He considers those four years to be worse years of his life. Only because of that factory.

8.) He doesn't like food he can't easily pick apart if he didn't watch or participate in the making of it (or really, really trust the person).

9.) The technological things he buys tends to break down quickly because they are cheap.

10.) Yes. Ouch. (take that as you want)

11.) Ford Cruller introduced him into the Psychonauts. He also helped make Sasha more organized mentally. -11a.) He made him very much less Id driven also.

12.) Is a drop out (dropped out when he ran away from home). Ford made him go get a GED even though Sasha saw no reason to get one if he was just going to join some secret agency.

13.)He enjoys quoting movies. He secretly wants to have a conversation of just movie quotes one day- ideally ending with 'This is Madness!' 'Madness? THIS. IS. SPARTA! before kicking someone into a pit. But not while wearing a speedo.

14.) Nothing fits him snugly. He likes living off of cigarettes and coffee.

15.) He loves poetry and the Bauhaus style of art.

16.) His boss at the lamp factory had anger issues. And Sasha often got the brunt of it. -16a.) This lead to Sasha being discover by Ford when Sasha decided to let his own anger out.

17.) Sasha likes videogames that lets him blow stuff up.

18.) He one time used a pyrokinetic cougar cub to light his cigarette.

19.) He needs Milla. She balances him out and reminds him to live. But, he really, really really wants to get her a new wardrobe.

20.) He wears T-shirts and sweatpants to bed.