Species Nobody
Age 1, looks 15/16
Gender Male
Height 5'5"
Weight ~120 kilos
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Affiliation Key of Destiny
Apped from end of game
Mun Neko

Appearance Edit

Roxas isn't very tall, clocking in at the shortest member of the Organization (excluding Xion, who for all intents and purposes does not exist because nothing is known about her yet.) He's the same height as the rather-short Sora which puts him at about 5'5", according to fan logic. His blonde hair, true to KH-style, defies all sense of logic and most of the laws of physics. Too-blue eyes are the same color as Sora's and it's debatable whether he has pouty lips or just pouts a lot. He's slender, but strong regardless, and usually clad in a checkered black-and-white jacket, black-and-white pants, and various other zippered and checkered things. Or his Organization cloak which, incidentally, also has many zippers.

Abilities Edit

Roxas is a dual-Keyblade wielder as a result of being Sora's Nobody. He has Oathkeeper, a light, intricate Keyblade representing Kairi, and Oblivion, a dark blade representing Riku. They can both be summoned at will by simply calling them to him, and it's assumed that they as well can seal Keyholes. He's a skilled fighter, very acrobatic and quick-moving, and can fight with another kind of makeshift sword if the need arises. As a Nobody, Roxas has quite a few supernatural powers. He controls the element of light and can create sword-shields of light, as well as summon balls of condensed light. The Keyblades (and Roxas) can move at extremely high speeds, and he has the ability to levitate and spin them at terrifying consequence to his enemies. He also controls the lesser Samurai Nobodies.

Personality Edit

Roxas and his Other are very similar in some ways and not-so-similar in many others. Roxas cares deeply about his friends and will go to great lengths to help them. Their memories together, however fake, mean a lot to him. He's dedicated and accomodating, willing to do favors and such without real complaint. It's too much trouble that way and besides, they're his friends, they deserve it. He loves to wrestle with Hayner and generally do teenage boy things. If Olette asks him to go shopping, he'll grudgingly say yes, then end up carrying all her bags. Though, of course, sea-salt ice cream must be bought to placate him.

It's the same with Axel- though his partner is annoying, Roxas will do anything (within reason and morals) for him. They could sit for hours on the Clock Tower and talk about existence and their hearts and, of course, all the other random crap that best friends talk about. This bond means more to him than even ice cream (and that's hard to do). He's unobtrusive, in a way, preferring to stay in the background and keep himself out of trouble.

However, unlike Sora, he is very logical about things. Though quick to anger, he also knows how to pick his fights, often having to hold his temperamental friend Hayner (and most probably Axel, when he was in the Organization) back from stupid fights. Unless it's deserved, in which case he'll sit by with a smirk on his face, maybe join in if it's warranted. When he does fight, though, it is quick and brutal which follows his speedy style. He gets angry about little comments but prefers to use words to his actual weapon. He's also quite defensive and prideful, despite preferring to avoid trouble. If he's insulted, he will lash out, usually with some sarcastic remark or a threat. If the provoking continues, then he'll actually attack. It's a combination of a slow fuse and a quick fuse: the quick one leads to insults, the slow one to actual attacking-- this one takes a while to burn but when it explodes, it explodes.

Roxas also has a very introspective side which shows more often than anything. He's quiet, preferring to sit and let his friends talk around him and simply observe. He gets easily lost and distracted by his own thoughts, and will often ignore the world around him. Analyzing the situation is his specialty. It makes him nervous if he can't, and any unknown factor is a very bad thing which must be carefully discovered and thought through. He thinks far too much about everything and analyzes everything to pieces. Then puts it back together differently and does it again, and this is just the way the world should work, obviously.

Stubborn to a fault, Roxas uses logic and evidence to prove his point and will go to great lengths to be right. He doesn't give up easily despite being very pessimisstic. He likes to deal with things himself, rather than asking people for help, and would rather amputate the proverbial limb instead of asking someone else to disinfect it. This is not always the case, but it's mostly proved true. Determined and headstrong, Roxas won't let an idea go once it's taken hold, no matter how many arguments the people around him put up.

History Edit

Roxas was born when Sora became a Heartless, around the middle-ish end of Kingdom Hearts. Sora was not a Heartless for long, but in the time he was one, Roxas was created. Sora had a strong enough heart that Roxas was sentient, although he lacked a heart. So technically speaking, he’s only about 2, though he looks and acts the same age as Sora.

Roxas was what is known as a Nobody: a remnant, the body left behind when the heart succumbs to darkness. As such, Nobodies have no hearts.

He was soon found by Xemnas, nameless, lost, alone, and quite afraid, and deemed Roxas, the Key of Destiny. Number 13 of Organization 13.

Soon after joining, Roxas made friends with number 8, Axel. The fiery redhead was the perfect counterpart to Roxas’ calm, quiet, and logical nature, and the two became very close in a short amount of time. They hung out often in Destiny Islands or on the Clock Tower in Twilight Town, sharing Roxas’ favorite treat: sea-salt ice cream.

Despite this ‘happiness’ (for Roxas couldn’t truly feel anything, lacking a heart) something was still missing. He could wield the Keyblade- Keyblades, really- and that wasn’t right. Only someone with a heart should have been able to use the weapon of light. Roxas was a Nobody, steeped in darkness from the very moment of his creation.

Yet the weapons came when he called. That was wrong, and Roxas wanted to know why. Similarly, he could remember nothing of his past life. Everyone else knew exactly what their other selves had been through. Roxas (because of Sora’s mere minutes as a Heartless, though Roxas did not know that) had none. He had no idea what his other self, his Somebody, was called, or what he was like or if it was even a ‘he’ in the first place. Roxas could feel slightly more than the other Nobodies could. The fact that he could feel at all was alarming.
Increasingly discomfited with his odd existence, Roxas left the Organization, claiming that “no one would miss me” when Axel tried to stop him. The redhead failed and Roxas was gone.

On his way, he encountered Riku and got into a fight with him after the other boy saved him from too many Heartless. Roxas was winning, at first, due to his speed and dual weapons. Sensing that he could not win this way, Riku unleashed all the power of darkness in his heart and pounded Roxas into a state of unconsciousness.

He was then taken to DiZ by the very same man who’d just beat him up. DiZ decided to place Roxas in a virtual version of Twilight Town in order to save him from the still-hunting Organization, complete with altered memories of a fake life there, until Sora awoke from his sleep. His memories of his time with the Organization were lost and for a time, Roxas was happy with his friends in Twilight Town, Hayner, Pence, and Olette.

They fought in Struggle tournaments, hung out at The Usual Spot, and were generally teenagers until one day, Roxas began to have odd dreams. Dreams of a boy he didn’t know with blue eyes far too similar to his own. Dreams of people he felt a connection with whose faces he didn’t recognize.

Sora’s memories and heart were returning. And Roxas was feeling the effects.

Then strange things begin to happen. A word was stolen- picture- and all the pictures of Roxas in town were gone. He and he friends had been blamed for the crime, but of course they did not do it. Strange white creatures appeared and chased him into the woods. A stick- Roxas chosen weapon, as he hit a dead end at the old mansion- was not sufficient to kill them. After batting them around for a while, the Keyblade appeared in his hands. Confused but desperate, Roxas used the odd blade to defeat the things-which dropped the missing pictures- and returned home with more on his mind than ever.

Meeting Namine one day when the world stopped spurred even more memories. So did his fight with a man named Axel who claimed to know him and seemed very angry that Roxas didn’t. His dreams each night got stranger and stranger, until one day it all culminated in the old mansion outside of town.

Led there by frozen time and DiZ, Roxas entered the house only to make his way into the basement- where the computer simulator for the town was kept. On the way Roxas was assaulted by memories: his own, Sora’s, the Organization, Twilight Town- all of it. Outraged, he hacked the computer to pieces when he reached it, though it was only a digital copy, and went to confront DiZ. In doing so, he found Axel and fought him, this time with the regained memories. Oathkeeper and Oblivion, his two Keyblades, returned, and Axel was defeated. He then found the sleeping Sora and, with the knowledge of his fate in his hands, accepted that he would need to be absorbed into Sora. His mission was complete. He had found his past.

The problem was when he woke up? Sora’s mind didn’t exactly look like he’d expected.

Canon update: Roxas was canon-updated to the end of the game, just before they go to fight Xemnas

Facility Facts Edit

  • During OOC Week, Axel told Roxas that he loved him. Roxas is still thinking about that.
  • Roxas has an on-going feud with Barney Stinson, spawned from evil!Barney's Death Ray created during personality-swap week.
  • He's participated in one brawl and got away relatively unscathed.
  • Alphonse created a replica of the Kingdom Key for him, so he uses that as his weapon.
  • There's a big case of sea-salt ice cream in his room, acquired when Sasha found the warehouse.
  • Roxas has died once, from the bacteria during infection week.