The Cardcaptor: Kinomoto Sakura
Sakura shows off her most cheerful smile
Species Human
Age 12
Gender Female
Height 4'6"
Weight 100 lbs
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Green
Affiliation Guardian of the Cards
Apped from Just previous to the battle with Yue
Mun Mica

Appearance Edit

Sakura is a slim, bright girl, all frills and lace, and prone to bouts of optomism and good cheer. She's quite short for her age, but seems likely to grow quite tall, if the rest of her family is anything to go by. Light brown hair cut short and done up in abbreviated pigtails. Sakura is well known for her wide variety of battle costumes , including her school uniform.

Abilities Edit

KinomotoSakura captureanimation

The card-releasing technique: HIT IT WITH A STICK

Sakura is what is commonly referred to in CLAMP stories as a 'Magician' or a 'Mage,' indicating that she can wield magic. Sakura is ostensibly the heir to the long-dead famous and infamous Clow Reed, a practitioner of both eastern and western styles of magic that combined them into one in his own work. So far as CCS Canon is concerned, Clow created 52 cards and imbued them with powerful elemental and/or magical forces. Sakura comes into possession of these cards, and the 'sealing wand' which is used to call upon and confine their powers. Examples include card both useful, powerful, and those that are harmless. The Firey card, which represents the element of Fire, and all the burninating that would imply is an example of one of the more powerful cards, while The Sweet does nothing but create and/or transmute sweets, candy, chocolates, and any other sugary dessert possible into existence. Sakura May or may not have additional magical abilities such as clairvoyance. This is never much explored in the series, although Sakura does regularly experience prophetic dreams.

Clow Cards Edit


The basic ten Clow Cards

Sakura's default set of Clow Cards is a pool of ten, which was increased by one on two occasions. The first was when Mirror ran amok through Facility 1 causing confusion and the second was as a reward for her efforts at scroll-hunting in Facility 3.
The Power imbues incredible physical strength to that which it is applied to.
The Sweet transmutes or creates sweet-tasting foods, such as desserts.
It can alsosweeten unsweet foods without changing them entirely.
The Silent quiets all sounds, effectively stopping all communication.
The Jump gives a bouncy high-jumping ability to whoever it's cast on. Signified by winged feet.
The Shield casts a theoretically unbreakable barrier around whatever it is applied to.
The Fly is applied via the sealing staff. It allows Sakura to fly, as if on a winged broomstick.
It can also be used to apply wings to her back, leaving hand and wand free.
The Glow gives off a beautiful illuminating glow, like a night-light crossed with a cloud of fireflies.
The Windy provides the elemental power of Wind, it is a very flexible card with many uses.
The Thunder gives off electrical blasts — zap!
The Flower creates blossoms and flower petals in large quantities. It can also make flowering plants and trees bloom.
The Mirror mimics the form and voice of another person to create an imposter. Good for multitasking and causing confusion.
The Sword transforms the sealing wand into a magical sword theoretically capable of cutting anything.
If the user is not adept in swordsmanship, it also lends them incredible skill.

Personality Edit


There are only two reactions to most of Sakura's personality. The first is love her for being so adorable. Pictured above: option two.

Energetic and above all cheerful, Sakura is easy to love and very loving to those all around her. She's bubbly, bubble-headed and
forgetful, and often completely oblivious to otherwise obvious interactions around her. Most subtlety goes right over her head, even when it's painfully obvious. She hates being teased, however, and easily recognizes that, although she never holds a grudge for anything for more than a few minutes. Her trustworthy and open demeanor have won her many close friends.

History Edit

When she was ten years old, Sakura was poking around in her father's study when she came upon a mysterious book titled "The Clow." When she touched it, opened it, she found that it was not a book at all, but a false book that was made to hide a deck of 52 magical cards created centuries before. Ignorant of their magical properties she seized the first card she saw and read it aloud. This card happened to be the "windy" card, which whipped up a tornadic wind, freeing and scattering the cards. Each card is imbued with a semi-free agent, a thinking magical being, and therefor each of them did their best to hide away. Over the course of the series it is therefore Sakuras responsibility to regain these cards 'sealing' them away with a wand she gained from Keroberos, the guardian of the book. Keroberos or "Kero" is her constant companion, who emerged from the book in response to Sakuras magic after she had accidentally freed all the Clow Cards. Together they are Magical Schoolgirl and Cute Mascot, and Kero acts are her mentor and partner as her magic grows with every card she seals.Eventually it is made apparent that Sakura isn't the only one after the Clow Cards. She has a rival in the form of Li Syaoron, a direct descendant of Clow Reed, the decks originator. He is initially both more powerful and magically skilled than she, and derisive of her skill and worthiness as a Cardcaptor. However, as time goes on, Sakura grows into her potential where Syaoron cannot follow. Eventually it becomes clear that the escape and subsequent adventures catching the cards were no accident or clumsiness on Sakura's part, but a test planned by Clow Reed ages ago, to make sure that whoever took charge of his cards was a worthy heir. When all the cards are finally caught, Kero reveals that he is a 'Sun Guardian' and only half of the whole. The 'Moon Guardian' is a character named Yue, who has been secretly hiding in the guise of Sakura's older brothers best friend all along. Yue challenges both Syaoron and Sakura to a 'final test' to judge their worth as successor to Clow Reeds deck, and while Syaoron is found lacking and defeated, Sakuras pure heart and power convince him to accept her as Master and allow that she is worthy of the title "Master of the Clow." At this point, as a creature of 'moon' magic, Yue becomes dependent on his Master for all his magic, and thus his very life. Due to this unaccustomed burden Sakura feels chronically tired and weak while in the same universe as he is.

Facts of Interest Edit


an excellent example of the adorable

  • Raised by her widower father and older brother Touya.
  • Despite her age, is amazingly proficient in domestic duties
  • Not particularly brilliant, but she is athletic, and learns by doing
  • Terrified of Ghosts, except that of her Mother and Clow Reed
  • Is Adorable