Kaiba Seto
Species Human
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 6'1" or 186 cm
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Apped from Yu-Gi-Oh!
Mun Kyoki

Appearance Edit

The first thing most people notice about Seto is the arrogant smirk that is almost always on his face. The second thing tends to be his blue eyes, which only add to his "holier than thou" expression. He has short brown hair with bangs that often fall in front of his eyes, though it is thoroughly brushed every morning. Though he changes outfits occasionally in the series, they all include some kind of trench coat, mainly so that it can flap dramatically behind him. He is extremely tall, standing at 6'1" or 186 cm, but he appears to be rather thin under the many layers of clothing, as shown by his waist, which is rather prominent for a man.

Abilities Edit

Though he doesn't have any otherworldly powers, Seto is freakishly intelligent. If it's related to business, he's an expert at it. On top of that, he was formally trained in martial arts and taught how to use a repertoire of weapons. This was to prepare him for the inevitable threats that come with being connected with a multi-billion dollar company.

Personality Edit

The arrogant smirk isn't just a front. Seto Kaiba really is arrogant and it shows. Of course, he doesn't think of it as so; in his opinion, he is not arrogant, he's just better than you. He is very dismissive in his speech, condescending in all ways possible. However, Seto is like an onion in that he has layers. The arrogant CEO is just the thick, top layer and beneath it is his more human side. This is where his total devotion to his brother dwells, though it is very well-hidden by his outward display of cold indifference. He is extremely rational and tries to blow off all the supernatural events that occur right in front of him as some type of trick, though he grudgingly begins to accept it as time goes on.

History Edit

Seto doesn't have many memories of his biological parents; his mother died giving birth to his little brother Mokuba and his father died a few years later in a car crash. His relatives spent all the money their parents had left them and dumped the two brothers at an orphanage, not caring about what happened to them. Despite this, Seto was a happy and bright child. He had his little brother, and that was all that mattered to him. There were many chances for him to be adopted - a cheerful genius child wouldn't stay in an orphanage long - but Seto denied all the potential parents because they refused to take Mokuba as well.

Finally, the opportunity that he'd been waiting his entire life for showed itself when Seto was ten years old. Gozaburo Kaiba came to the orphanage one day for a publicity stunt and Seto bet him that if he won a chess game against the CEO, he would have to adopt the two brothers. Gozaburo accepted, amused at the child's determination. Seto won the game, though whether he did it by cheating or by studying Gozaburo's moves is disputed. True to the terms of the bet, the brothers were adopted and Seto began a rigorous school schedule, studying many different subjects at once, including but certainly not limited to economics, social studies, foreign languages and game theory. Though he often studied until he literally collapsed at his desk, Seto kept at it, determined to excel for the sake of making a better life for Mokuba.

What he didn't know, however, is that Gozaburo Kaiba had ulterior motives in adopting him. He wanted to use the brunette to force his biological son to focus more on taking over the company one day. His son died, however, and the business man focused all his energy on Seto. On the child's birthday, he gave him a 2% share of the company, saying that even though Seto could spend the money any way he wanted, he had to return one hundred times the amount he'd gotten in a year's time.

Seto returned that amount within a day.

It was from that moment that Seto began buying more and more shares from the company until he and Gozaburo both owned 49%. The last 2% belonged to Mokuba and Seto launched a plot to take over the company completely - he leaked to Gozaburo that he now owned nearly half the company, claiming that it was Mokuba's fault that Gozaburo knew when confronted by the man. As soon as Gozaburo was convinced that Mokuba would give his 2% to him, the child changed sides, giving it to Seto instead. At age 16, Seto officially became the CEO of KaibaCorp. Gozaburo committed suicide not long after that, throwing himself out of a window.

Seto changed the company's focus from manufacturing weapons of mass destruction to gaming equipment. He opened up the first Kaibaland, an amusement park for orphaned and underprivileged children that had been his dream for many years.

It was then that Seto started focusing more on his side-obsession: duel monsters. Through various underhanded means, he obtained three out of four of the Blue Eyes White Dragon cards and tore up the fourth, which belonged to Yugi's grandfather. Yugi challenged him to a duel in his grandfather's stead and defeated him using Exodia. After his defeat, Seto dropped out of the duel monsters world, but not for long. After his brother was kidnapped by Pegasus, the young CEO flew to Duelist Kingdom and ended up being defeated by Pegasus in the finals. He and his brother both had their souls sucked out and placed in cards, but they were restored when Yugi won the tournament.

The drama never seemed to end for Seto, though. Not too long after returning home with his brother, Seto was trapped in a Virtual World by "The Big Five", whom Seto had fired prior to the series after discovering that they were planning to take over the company. Mokuba pleaded for Yugi and Jounochi to help his brother and they grudgingly accepted, saving him from the virtual world his mind had been trapped in.

After things finally began to seem normal again, a strange Egyptian woman named Ishizu gives Seto the Egyptian God card "Obelisk the Tormentor" to convince him to start the Battle City Tournament. She shows him a tablet that features an Egyptian Pharaoh and a High Priest that look disturbingly like Yugi and Seto (respectively) dueling with real monsters. Seto blows it off as superstition, but agrees to hold the tournament in hopes of gaining the two other God Cards from it.

Facility Information Edit

  • Seto got into a fight with Inuyasha his very first night at the Facility. Relationships haven't improved after that.
  • Seto gets along with only two people: Shikamaru and Sasuke. He plays chess with both of them.