Species Human
Age 3 (appears 16-19)
Gender Male
Height 5'8
Weight 160lbs
Hair Silver
Eyes Aqua
Affiliation Remnant of Sephiroth
Apped from The moment of his death
Mun Ash

Appearance Edit

Thin and lightly muscled, Kadaj is built for speed. He has luminescent aqua eyes and full lips that find themselves in a pout more often than not. Thin silver hair sometimes frames, but usually obscures his face.

Abilities Edit

Kadaj is gifted with superior to human strength and speed, much like that of any other 'SOLDIER' member who had been modified with Mako. He is a clone of Sephiroth, and bears a striking resemblance to the villain. He also has the ability to utilize materia and the potential to serve as a host to Sephiroth.

When his powers are unsealed, he is able to summon shadow beasts to his beck and call, as well as regaining the use of his materia.

Personality Edit

Insanity is a label that seems to find its way to Kadaj in most instances. He can be described as manic and obsessive, prone to flights of fancy and illusions of grandeur. For the majority of the young remnant's existence, he has known only his mission and the constant drive to serve Jenova. He is physically violent and often twists others words and ideals to fit the structure of his own dissolutioned world.

Kadaj is surprisingly likeable when he finds himself amongst people, although he is seen as eccentric. There is something about the young man that is undeniably charismatic and he uses this to his advantage if he can. In group situations, it is likely that he would try to fit everyone else into his vision of the world. It would take a drastic situation for him to change his way of thinking. Having come to some level of peace with himself already, he is a bit more subdued than he was before he faced Cloud Strife for the last time.

Kadaj is really just a frightened and now lost child underneath it all, and will probably adapt sooner or later if he doesn't just get crazier...

History Edit

There isn't much known about Kadaj's early history. It is safe to assume that like others modified by Jenova's cells that he had a realitively normal life before becoming a test subject. He and his brothers appeared after Sephiroth was defeated. The ex-SOLDIER had tried to bring a meteor down on the planet and was thwarted by Cloud Strife and his party. The puppet master of the near catastrophy was a strange and mysterious entity known as Jenova or the Calamity from the skies. Sephiroth called her his mother, though most were convinced that it was all in his head. After the fall of Sephiroth, two years passed and the world began to recover. That's when Kadaj and his brothers appeared on the scene, in search of Jenova's head. They wanted to bring the Reunion that Sephiroth also quested after, and were prepared to put a stop to anything that got in their way.
Kadaj lead his brothers to kidnap children with geostigma, which drew Cloud out to try and stop them. Kadaj calls the blonde their older brother, and fights him before the battle moves back to Edge. Cloud pursued him after he finally came into possession of the last piece of Jenova, and became a host for Sephiroth. A battle ensued, ending in Cloud's victory and Kadaj returned to his true form. He then heard a voice calling to him, that he should rest. Assuming that this was his mother calling to him, the silver-haired man closed his eyes and prepared to vanish into the life-stream.

Facility Facts Edit

  • Early on in the Facility, Kadaj attached himself to Lord Sesshomaru from Inuyasha due to his striking resemblance to Sephiroth.
  • Whenever the sprinklers are set off, Kadaj is reminded of the rain from his last moments. This usually results what could either be a foul mood or a full-on-panic.
  • He is currently in a long-standing relationship with Mello from Death Note.
  • Kadaj has spent much effort trying to fit in with the other people from the Death Note universe. He specifically wants L's approval.
  • Kadaj considers Azure Kite from the .hack series to be his adopted little brother.

20 Headcannon facts Edit

1.) Kadaj had never tried anything sweet before coming to the facility. He only ate when his body needed it, and then it was usually forced on him by his brothers.
2.) He prefers cake to chocolate, although he's grown quite fond of it thanks to Mello.
3.) Kadaj is in fact, 3 years old. He was created and probably just recently born when the main party of FF VII meets Hojo for the first time.
4.) Kadaj hates spicy food.
5.) He likes Yazoo more than Loz. He feels safer around him, while Loz is volatile and makes him a little nervous.
6.) Kadaj didn't know better than to follow Mother. He'd never had a moment without Jenova's voice in his head. He was not predisposed to be "evil" at all. In fact, he had absolutely nothing to do with himself when he woke up and couldn't hear her voice anymore.
7.) He hates the rain, because it reminds him of his last moments. It has instilled in him an irrational fear of running water of any kind.
8.) He's fascinated by any kinds of scarring or imperfections that someone else has because (prior to the facility) he heals to fast to gain any himself.
9.) Kadaj had nightmares about Sephiroth abusing and raping him from day one. This has lead to a case of near insomnia that he's only just starting to overcome.
10.) He bites his lip when he's worried.
11.) Kadaj has a bit of a tendency to self-mutilate. If he's really upset he'll sit and claw at his own arms until he bleeds.
12.) His upbringing had lead him to almost enjoy being dominated by someone else.
13.) Kadaj is surprisingly competitive when faced with something that will actually challenge him.
14.) The Remnant is almost entirely uninterested in women. They're either his mother or a respected sister. XD
15.) He used to treat Souba, his double katana almost like a teddy bear. It was the only thing he had.
16.) Yazoo would sit up with him in silence when he woke up from his nightmares. Kadaj would rant manically until he could fall asleep again.
17.) Kadaj expects people to not understand him. It surprises him when someone understands where he's coming from.
18.) Kadaj and his brothers got their cellphones on their first stop in the town of icicle, because everyone else had them and they wanted to blend in at least a little.
19.) He doesn't know where he got his name, and wishes that he could ask his mother about it now.
20.) The Mako in Kadaj's system makes him able to see in the dark; it also makes his eyes give off their own light