Jack Spicer
Species Human
Age 16?
Gender Male
Hair Red
Eyes Red
Affiliation Heylin
Apped from Xiaolin Showdown
Mun Kyoki

Appearance Edit

Thin and lanky, Jack is the epitome of teenage awkwardness. He has extremely pale skin from hanging out in his parent's basement constantly and wears eyeshadow. His clothing consists of a dark cloak and glasses with a peculiar yellow-and-orange swirl that imitate Wuya's eyes. Underneath the cloak he wears a red shirt with a cartoon Frankenstein head on the front, the sleeves completely ripped off and a pair of black jeans. His hair is a violent red that matches his eyes, spiked in all directions. He almost always wears the helipack that, supposedly, his grandmother gave him when he became evil.

Abilities Edit

Extremely intelligent and inventive, Jack has a knack for building robots. He's good at just about anything involving mechanics and/or technology. He's also an artist!

Personality Edit

If words in the dictionary had pictures of people beside them, Jack Spicer would be under the term "drama queen". Of course, he would immediately demand to be placed under "evil boy genius", only to be told that those are three different words and he'll have to choose between them. Beneath the superficial layer of stereotypical-villain-wannabe, Jack harbors deep insecurities and quirks that are hard to pick up on. Although he pretends to believe that he is the best worst? villain in the entire world, he has on more than one occasion admitted to his own failures and shortcomings. Not only is he inept at being a truly evil person, the boy is afraid of nearly everything! His biggest fear is being flushed down the toilet, though he is also afraid of the dark and clowns. He shrieks in an extremely girly way whenever he is confronted by something even minutely terrifying.

History Edit

If someone wanted to, they could blame Jack's behavior on his parents. They weren't the most attentive, between his father always gone on business trips and his mother busy keeping appearances with other families of high-society. One would never expect Jack to be part of that particular social class just from meeting him, but the funding for all of his robots has to come from somewhere. He claims to have wanted to take over the world from the second grade, mostly due to the influence of the teacher he had that year, whom he included in his list of the most evil people of all time. This may or may not be true, however, as it seems it was the temptation of the Shen Gong Wu that finally pushed him over the line between good and evil that he'd been wavering over for so long.

Later in his life, his father sent him the puzzle box that the Heylin Witch Wuya was trapped in. Upon freeing her, she taught him all about the Shen Gong Wu, intending to use him in her own goal for world domination. The two bickered nearly constantly and had many breaks in their partnership, both of them teaming up with many other villains. At the end of the day, however, it was always back to Wuya and Jack. There were times that the old ghost seemed almost like a parental figure to him.

At first, the only thing that stood between Jack and Wuya were the Xiaolin Monks. As time went on, however, more mature evil forces began to reveal themselves. There were times that Jack was forced to team up with the monks and it was at those moments that he began to wonder if he really was fighting on the correct side. This wondering didn't last too much longer, however, as he would undoubtedly mess up at "being good" and go back to his evil ways. Jack is attracted to the idea of evil because it makes up for his own feelings of worthlessness, but he is afraid to fail at being evil just like he failed at being good.

Recently in his life, another ancient evil Chinese being has appeared - Chase Young. Jack idolizes him to the point of what some would deem fanboyish. He often swoons over Chase's displays of power and has more than once made starry-eyes at the man. No matter how many times the cold man disregards him, however, he still keeps trying to gain his respect and become his partner in evil.

Facility Information Edit

  • Jack has been at Facility since week one.
  • Jack has a pet rabbit: Prince of Darkness