Hatake Kakashi
Species Human (Shinobi)
Age 14
Gender Male
Hair Silver
Eyes Left: Sharingan

Right: Black

Affiliation Konoha
Apped from Naruto
Mun Kyoki

Appearance Edit

Kakashi's very appearance embodies the enigma wrapped in a mystery that he is. A black mask constantly covers his face from the nose down, his hair is a mass of silver spikes and while his right eye is black, his left eye is red with a strange swirl in the pupil. He dresses in dark-colored, typical ninja-gear, wearing a black shirt with gray arm guards over his forearms and shoulders. His legs are wrapped in bandages that go up to his knees, with a typical pair of pants coming down to mid-thigh. A brown strap fastens the harness holding his father's white chakra blade to his back and there is a small pouch for kunai and shuriken strapped to his thigh. His form is rather slim and muscled under his baggy clothing and his skin is very pale.

Abilities Edit

Kakashi is a jack of all trades when it comes to being a shinobi. Although his specialty is with jutsus, he is also extremely proficient in weapons as well as hand to hand combat. His family's chakra is extremely adaptable and it's because of that that he can learn so many different types of jutsu. Recently he acquired a Sharingan in his left eye, which allows him to copy any jutsu that he sees and increases his already-sharp perception. As time goes on, he will develop more skills with it, but at the point I'm taking him from, he hasn't had it very long. He also has an extremely strong sense of smell that's on par with the Inuzuka's.

Personality Edit

Hatake Kakashi was a very happy child, surprisingly. Up to the point where his father shamed himself and committed suicide, he was almost always smiling, laughing and generally being a cute little kid. He was serious about his studies and training, however, and it's because of this natural ability to focus when it was necessary that he graduated from the academy at age five. After his father's failed mission and consequent suicide, however, that happy child all but disappeared. In his place was a serious child obsessed with following the shinobi rule book completely, a boy that was far too mature for his age. His entire life became dedicated to redeeming the Hatake name, in his eyes, and it was with this in mind that he kept on training and learning.
It wasn't until Obito's death that he was snapped out of the white-and-black world that he'd been living in for the past seven years. Obito's words and eye affected his personality in ways he couldn't explain. At the point where I'm taking him from, he's still making that transition. Although his ideals have changed and he now thinks that helping teammates is more important than completing the mission, he is still particularly serious. His anger has mainly been changed to depression, mostly because of the guilt he feels over Obito's death.

History Edit

Kakashi was born into a world of high expectations. He was the son of a prodigy considered on-par with the legendary sannin, and it wasn't a surprise when he turned out to be just as much a prodigy as his father. Konoha was in dire need of geniuses at the time, with the Third Great Shinobi War escalating and their forces beginning to run thin. He spent his entire childhood training, learning jutsu and perfecting techniques most ninja his age weren't set to learn for another ten years or so. He learned at an alarming rate, graduating from the genin academy at age five at the top of his class. A mere year later, he was already a chuunin.

However, as is common in the world of shinobi, his life was tragic from early on. When Kakashi was still at the age where most Nin were just beginning to learn how to throw shuriken, his father made what would be considered the greatest mistake of his life - he failed a mission in order to save his comrades, which ended up hurting Konoha in the war. The once-revered man was disgraced, and he fell into a deep depression before ultimately killing himself. This incident effected the young Kakashi in the worst of ways - he swore to always live by the shinobi code, no matter what may happen.

It was many years after this that he was placed on Team Minato, along with Rin and Uchiha Obito. He and Obito had completely opposing views regarding the importance of teamwork, and it was mainly because of this that they argued so much. While Kakashi stood adamant by the shinobi code that called for the mission to precede all else and stated that those who broke the rules were trash, Obito believed that taking care of each other was more important than completing the mission to code. The two boys were so different, it was a wonder they didn't completely fail missions due to their bickering.

It was during another one of these missions that an event that would again change Kakashi's life happened. It wasn't just a normal mission, however - it was Kakashi's inauguration as a Jounin; his first time being the Commander of a squad. The mission was to sneak in among the fighting between Konoha and Iwagakure and destroy a bridge to prevent the enemy from using it to their advantage. Despite the importance of their mission, the team took a little time to congratulate Kakashi on his promotion to Jounin, both Minato and Rin presenting him with gifts. Minato gave him a special kunai with a certain jutsu that would alert him when it was used, though Kakashi didn't know that at the time, and Rin gave him a basic medical kit. The prodigy extended a hand towards the Uchiha expectantly, but Obito only loudly proclaimed that he had forgotten to get a gift.

The group moved on, oblivious to what truly lay ahead of them. While making their way to the check point where students would separate from teacher, the group became aware of an enemy Nin spying on them. Wanting to try out a powerful but imperfect jutsu that he'd created, Kakashi demanded that he confront the enemy. It was the Chidori's first appearance in battle and although it appeared to work just as the teen had planned, the tunnel-vision that the jutsu created almost cost the Hatake his life. Minato's quick thinking and actions allowed Kakashi to get off with just an injured shoulder and he was forbidden from ever using that jutsu again. Despite Kakashi's protests, the group went back to their camp for the night, but only Minato had thoroughly chastised both Obito and Kakashi.

The next morning they made it to the split-off point and the three teenagers were off on their own. Obito took Kakashi by surprise by respecting his position as commander, due to a talk the Uchiha and their sensei had had the night before. After traveling closer to the bridge, the small group clashed with two adult Rock Nins. The teens evaded their attacks for only so long, and the two adults ended up capturing Rin.

Once again, the boys found themselves holding completely opposite views. Kakashi insisted on continuing on their mission, but Obito was set on rescuing Rin. The argument abruptly came to blows when the Uchiha struck Kakashi across the face in an attempt to knock sense into him. It didn't work, though, and after Kakashi claimed that emotions are unnecessary for shinobi, Obito reached his breaking point and began to walk away. Before he left to go after Rin, however, he told the Hatake that although those who break the rules are trash, those who don't help their companions are even worse.

It is those words that eventually convince Kakashi to go back and help Obito, and the prodigy arrived just in time to rescue the perilous Uchiha from whatever fate was to await him at the enemy's hands. The two boys fought together to defeat one of the Rock Nin that captured Rin, however, the man manages to take out Kakashi's left eye. Obito's Sharingan was activated by seeing Kakashi in pain and with this new-found power, he managed to defeat the man.

After wrapping up Kakashi's useless eye with the medical pack Rin had given him, the boys entered the cave Rin was being kept in. They took down the remaining man and released Rin from the genjutsu she was put under. Their joy was short-lived, however, as the man was down but not out. He caused the cave to begin to collapse around them and the team attempted to run out. Kakashi was knocked down by a rock flying down in his blind spot, however, and the Jounin tumbled to the ground. Obito doubled back, throwing him out of the way of the crumbling rocks and getting crushed himself.

All three were trapped and the right half of Obito's body was completely crushed by the huge boulders. All efforts to even budge them were useless and Obito knew he was dying. The Uchiha laughed, saying that he'd thought up a gift for Kakashi, though it was a little late. He asked Rin to transplant his Sharingan eye into Kakashi's now-useless eye. He said that this would allow him to live on, to keep on seeing the world after he passed.

The procedure was done and Kakashi broke through the rubble, defeating the Nin that had trapped them in the cave. Reinforcements were arriving quickly, however, and the cave was beginning to give in more. He helped Rin out and the two watched as Obito was buried in the rocks; the two barely escaped from the enemy. Unfortunately they were found again, but Kakashi stood, intending to die to protect Rin if he had to, to keep his promise to Obito.

He then blacked out, only to wake up later, safe and at his sensei's side. It was then he learned of the jutsu placed on the kunai Minato had given him. The blond had come to their rescue, defeating all the Rock Nin and taking the young duo to safety.
In the end, it was the Battle of Kanabi Bridge that would start Kakashi's ascent to fame, though that wouldn't be for several more years.

Canon Updates Edit

  • Kakashi was sent back home for a period of six months to a year, brought back to the Facility right after the battle with the Kyuubi and Minato's death.

Facility Information Edit

  • Kakashi wrote the guide shown to new arrivals, and he keeps it updated.
  • Kakashi, Tsunade, Shikamaru and Obito have formed a team in the Facility. Tsunade is the unspoken leader.
  • Kakashi has been around since week one.
  • The doctors often diagnose him with autism. This irritates him more than he lets on.