Catatonic - A term for a character that has been inactive for a week for whatever reason, usually hiatus. The characters have no memories of things that happen when they were catatonic, and they cannot be affected by an experiment or another character. Almost a form of stasis used to explain inactivity in such close quarters.

Consortium - The invisible group that is holding the subjects captive. The term was learned during week 7, when Folken tortured an intern that had been released into the facility.

Intern - Employees of the Consortium, introduced in week 7. This grew from an April Fool's event that developed a life of it's own, and is now considered part of Facility canon. There are monthly intern events where writers can post as an intern and see things from the view outside of the cage. These are strictly for fun, and not considered part of the actual game, even though some interns have made small cameos in game. There are several teams identified for interns, including observations, reset, security, and accounting.

Observations - A list of things observed through out the week that is posted by 'the Doctor'. This is in character information. The general assumption is that these are actually written by the interns on the observation team.

Reset - Slang used both in character and out of character for midnight on Saturdays. This is when all damage done is repaired, all supplies are renewed, and basically everything is 'reset'. This is also when the observations for the previous week are posted, and the full write up for the next experiment is posted for the writers. Based on Eastern Standard Time, with some allowance for mods scrambling and procrastinating.

Subject 001 - an unknown individual that has been known to toture subjects in the facility