Like any game, Facility has it's own terms and inside jokes that need some . . . explanation.

Brick'd: What happens when you tell Catie an idea, that she promptly rejects. Violently.

Fail Fort: What they are using the bricks for.

Modka: What keeps the mods functional. Note that we did not say sane. Particularly popular on Saturday nights at about 11:45 pm or while processing apps.

Tequila Assistant: Slaves to the mods and their alcoholic ways, especially on Saturday nights before Observations are posted.

Murder of ninja: Term for a large group of ninja, rather like a flock or herd. This term should be used whenever possible.

Greasing the Weasel: Exactly what it sounds like.

Nemo Syndrome: The inability to do anything in chat without typos, directly linked to the presence of Nemo and his inability to type, Can also effect speech. Highly contagious.

Musical Week: The week that will never happen, if Catie has anything to say about it. Suggesting this always ends up with the suggestor getting brick'd.

Mancred: Something highly desired by all male characters, and something that Shikamaru will never have and that Haku will forever have more of than him.

Shikamama: a lazy genius woman with a penis

Itachipapa: a troublesome Uchiha with too many damn secrets (also known as "'Tachipapa")