Species Human
Age 20?
Gender Female
Hair Red
Eyes Green?
Affiliation Demon Lord Raenef V
Apped from The end of the series, post side-story
Mun Kyoki

Appearance Edit

(I would like to note that this is based entirely off of one cover page, so a lot of this is fanon.) Erutis is a woman of average height and weight, standing at about 5'7". She has bright red hair that reaches her chin, framing her face. Her eyes are green and her skin is lightly tanned. She has an athletic build, though she is more slender than muscled. She wears armor and a cloak which tends to hide the fact that she does, in fact, have breasts. She was mistaken for a man a few times, though her face is feminine. Though, considering the appearances of the males in the Demon Diary cast, this isn't really strange.

Abilities Edit

If it deals with a sword, Erutis can do it. She has achieved the status of Swordmaster, and is able to use an Energy Sword. What this means is that she can shape her Mezraez (a word for magic in their world) around her sword to make it stronger. Swordmasters are very rare ("Only one in ten thousand ever makes it that far."), and Erutis is very likely the only female to have reached that level, considering she is often criticized for being a woman by male knights whom she has yet to beat the asses of. She can also sense beings with strong magic, an ability usually only seen in clerics. However, she can't identify the source of the energy, only know of it's existence. She can definitely hold her own in battle, but she doesn't get much of a chance to show this, seeing as she is still human and is rather unfairly outmatched by all of the super-powered demons. However, considering she once cut a forest of trees down by swinging a wooden sword around, she is more than a match for most humans and lower-level demons. She is also quite cunning, and extremely knowledgeable about her craft. She supposedly has a lot of connections in the knight intelligence network.

Personality Edit

Despite being one of the only characters with common sense in the series she's from, Erutis has a very hot temper and a short fuse. She has little patience for idiots and womanizers, and is prone to rather loud emotional outbursts and melodrama. She's not one for frivolities or excessive decor, and she absolutely cannot stand anyone who is needlessly flashy. However, this does not extend to her taste in food. She'll eat anything and everything, so long as it is cooked well. Her own cooking skills are abysmal, but that's never been much of a problem for her. Despite her distaste for flashy people, Erutis will do anything to make a buck. Most of her money is probably spent on food, though.

Erutis is extremely witty and sarcastic, when she's not being a complete spaz along with her two best friends. She's usually the one to figure out what exactly is going on, and often ends up explaining the situation to Chris and Raenef. She's rather sensitive about her own womanhood, however, and tends to not get along with other women because of it. She feels much more comfortable around men and dislikes it when more well-endowed women start hanging around her friends.

She's also a bit of a shipper with Raenef and Eclipse, despite having a crush on the dark-haired demon.

History Edit

Erutis' history before she reached the castle of Demon Lord Raenef is a mystery. Considering her position as a Swordmaster, however, it can be assumed that she spent most of her life training her sword skills. She also was a mercenary for an unknown amount of time. She approached the Demon Lord Raenef's castle one night, attempting to find and kill the Demon Lord residing there to build up her reputation as a knight. After slaying the crusaders put in place to protect the castle while Eclipse was away, she came upon Raenef's bedroom.

Confused as to what a young boy was doing in the castle of a supposed Demon Lord, she demanded to know who he was and what he was doing. It wasn't until she called him a scamp (or a thief depending on the translation) that he admitted to being the Lord of the castle. Of course, Erutis refused to believe him until he nearly Dark Arrow'd her through a wall. They fought, and just as Erutis was about to strike a killing blow, her sword broke apart on Raenef's head. In an oddly-serious moment, Raenef charged up his power to kill her when she cried out for him to stop. When he did, she convinced him into letting her live and become his servant. After a moment's consideration, Raenef cheerfully agreed and told her to take the place of the guards she'd killed while he went back to sleep. Of course, Erutis took the opportunity to escape. Unfortunately, she didn't get very far. Eclipse caught her on his way back to the castle, and imprisoned her in an elemental circle while things were sorted out with Raenef.

That is how Erutis ended up living at Raenef's palace. Since then, she was kidnapped by a bratty demon lord, nearly permanently sucked into a demon's dream, flirted with by the previously mentioned demon lord, lived through the cutest demon lord ever being turned into a cold-hearted bitch (twice), witnessed the most epic battle between a demon and a cleric since the Hangma War, and attacked the most powerful demon lord of all time and lived. After all of her adventures at Raenef's castle which I haven't gone into detail about because that is Raenef's story, Erutis struck out on her own once more, unaware of the foppish demon stalker she had collected along the way.

She traveled from town to town, attempting to earn some cash doing jobs for anyone that was offering and applying to Knight's Guilds whenever she had the chance. Strangely, she was always turned down everywhere she went. She was forced to sleep on the streets and had no food to eat for a week due to a lack of funds. Finally, an offer came through for her: Ten million zeny (the currency of their world) in exchange for a Knight's expertise. As Erutis finally ate to her heart's content, the situation was explained; the offer was from a very wealthy family that was the victim of constant kidnapping attempts. All Erutis had to do was disguise herself as the family's one and only daughter and allow herself to be kidnapped in her place. Then they would send a "highly skilled group of professionals" to go rescue her, if she could not destroy them herself.

Erutis dawned a long dress and a wig, complaining loudly about the outfit all the while. The kidnappers were to come that night, and they succeeded in capturing their supposed target. However, as one of the men was reaching out to tease her, Erutis' wig slipped and they discovered that she was an imposter. Just then, a letter arrived from the family that had hired her. While the kidnappers were busy with Erutis, they relocated their family, deserting the redhaired swordswoman and leaving her fate to the men.

The leader of the kidnappers made the unfortunate decision of reading the letter out loud.

In a fit of rage, Erutis ripped out of her bonds, sobbing out a completely over-exaggerated and untrue story about how she was mistreated everywhere she went. Then, she snapped. Just as she was about to rip the men limb from limb, a lackey ran in screaming that the village was on fire and the family that had betrayed Erutis had been hunted down and killed. The culprit was obvious. Krayon proudly informed Erutis about how he bravely rescued her, proclaiming that he would take care of all her troubles forever more. The group of men, finally realizing the terrible position they'd found themselves in, immediately fell down at her feet groveling. Krayon happily suggested she start her own guild with them, and it all came together for Erutis. Krayon had been following her, making sure she would not get into any Knight's Guilds. According to him, it was simply embarrassing for a demon lord's lover to do grunt work for others.

Again, Erutis lost it, her screams a strange combination of pure rage and woe.
However, she did in fact form her own Knight's Guild with the kidnappers, and now lives quite comfortably despite constantly being called Mistress and having to deal with stalker demon lords.

Facility Information Edit

  • Erutis arrived in Week 28.
  • During Week 28, the test of no thumbs, she asked Yuuko Ichihara for help with removing her clothing so that she could take a shower. In return, she had to bring Yuuko three water bottles every morning for a week.