Death the Kid
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Death the Kid ♥'s Symmetry.
Species Shinigami
Age 13-15
Gender Male
Height ???
Weight ???
Hair Black with three white stripes on his left side.
Eyes Yellow
Affiliation Shibusen
Apped from After Chapter 56 of the Manga
Mun User:DreadPirateBlueTail

Death the Kid is a character from the anime and manga series Soul Eater.

Appearance Edit

Kid has pale skin, yellow eyes and black and white hair. Three white stripes on the left side of his hair are indicators to his strength (and a source of much frustration to him- to the point of hating his own existence.) and are called ‘Sanzu Lines’. He often dresses in a refine manner with a black and white theme.

Abilities Edit

Super OCD powers. Due to the cornucopia of powers Kid has shown/have been mentioned in the series in some way/shape/form, I will just bullet list it. His full range of abilities have not been shown/mentioned and the nature of the Shinigami are still quite a mystery in Soul Eater.

Personality Edit

In most situations, Kid can be shown to be cool, calm and collected. He is knowledgeable in many fields involving souls and weapons. But he also has an extreme case of OCD which tends to kill the previous statement, even in the most serious of situations his obsession for symmetry and perfection will take priority and can render him useless until the problem is fixed. In the same vein, when something symmetrical is ruined it can throw him into a blind rage to whomever ruined it. Mentioning his hair or showing him something too asymmetrical will send him into a depressive state and in most extreme cases (such as he can’t fix it) he will cough up blood and faint.
Kid is mildly spoiled due to his position of being the son of Shinigami (as in the Death God himself) and can be domineering when it comes to his Obsessions. He has a negative personality but is a nice although a bit over dramatic young man over all.

History Edit

Kid’s early life has not been shown in the series outside of the fact his father (who he called Chichiue aka Honorable Father) is Shinigami-Sama, the Death God himself (Kid was named after him, considering he Shinigami’s name is in fact Death) and the ruler of Death City. Kid would often be approached for young women to marry him/be his weapon due to the fact he was looking for one, but alas he would reject them all for the reasons of being ‘asymmetrical’ until one day when he was in Brooklyn he was almost mugged by a girl holding a gun. It turned out this girl and the gun she was holding was a pair of matching Demon Weapons, they were the sisters Liz and Patty Thompson.

He was able to take them home and start training them to be his weapons/future Death Scythes. Now, this was going pretty slow due to him wanting everything to be even and perfect. Well, his father told him a way to get lots of souls quickly and that was by fighting the Pharaoh Anubis, so Kid did that and at the same time destroyed a pyramid thus as a punishment getting him set back to zero souls. Eventually, he decided to go to his father’s school where he arrived three hours late and got into a fight with Soul and Black*Star, a weapon and another Meister (someone who can use weapons). He won, but passed out due to Soul cutting his hair thus making him unsymmetrical. Then he pretty much went on some missons (including trying to get the sword of legend, Excalibur) and then on the anniversary of his Father’s school opening up, an attack happen which lead to the first Kishin being reawaken.
They decide to go on the hunt to try and stop the madness it was spreading and looking for items to help them. One of them was finding a key in a train, but when Kid went to go get it, he found out his father used to work with a man named Eibon who was a master of making demon weapons and looking for a way to become immortal to try and save his wife. Eibon teamed up with the witch Arachne and created the BREW an item which can boost one’s own powers. Kid and his classmates went on a mission to try and get the BREW but alas, they only found a fake. But due to fate Kid eventually got his hands on it and when they went to go save some classmates/try and get a witch out of the way Kid got into a fight with a man known as Mosquito and had to use the BREW to defeat him. Mosquito ran away and was defeated by a man that was thought to be Eibon but infact was an impersonator known as Noah who collected rare items, then Noah saw Kid and collected him and the BREW in a single stroke, which is where he is taken from.