Cross Marian
Cross (right) and Maria (left)
Species Human
Age 39
Gender Male
Height 6'4
Hair Red
Eyes Green
Affiliation The Black Order/???
Apped from Just before he's shot
Mun Pidge

Appearance Edit

Cross has wild, flaming red hair and green eyes, pale skin and a face that is always hidden behind a half mask (think Phantom of the Opera, only snarkier) He wears typical exorcist uniform, consisting of a black coat with gold trimming reserved for Generals, such is his rank.

Abilities Edit

As an innocence accommodator, Cross wields the anti-akuma weapon known as judgment; a silver handgun that can shoot multiple bullets faster than the eye can see, that can home in on their target if they miss. In addition to this, Cross is an adept sorcerer, scientist and, though harshly looked down upon by the order, a necromancer. Thanks to the latter, he also has the ability to call on the Grave of Maria, the re-animated corpse of a female exorcist. Maria’s innocence allows her to control the brain and it’s perceptions using her voice; usually in songs. She does not speak, and is controlled only by Cross.

Basically, kick ass with a gun, a zombie and a fuckton of magic.

Personality Edit

Cross, by nature, is not a nice person. He drinks, smokes, gambles and womanizes, famously leaving his apprentice to pick up the tab afterwards. He hates the Black Order, and the dislike is clearly mutual. He does have a softer side though, however rarely seen it is. Even though he treats his apprentice like a slave most of the time, he still trains him, and occasionally gives him advice, filling a somewhat twisted parental figure slot. Also, despite his previously mentioned hatred of the Order, he still defends it and its inhabitants when they are under akuma attack. Occasionally, he is also mysterious, and seems to know something the other characters don’t about the war.

History Edit

Due to the creator of D. Gray-man being purposefully bloody mysterious about Cross in general, the mun has had to make up a past for him of her own accord. However, it's 3:00am and she's not going to type it now. Check back later.

Facility Facts Edit

  • Has unfortunately only got off with one woman so far, that being Willow. He's rather miffed about that.
  • And Komui. Lots. Blame the muns.
  • He's been eyeing up Robin, but, you know, hell hath no fury like a Goddess scorned.