Beyond Birthday
Species Human
Age 22
Gender Male
Height 5'7
Weight 145lbs
Hair Black
Eyes Dark Brown
Affiliation Wammy's House/ L
Apped from Just before his attempted suicide.
Mun Ash

Appearance Edit

Just like L. This is a man who's spent his entire life being groomed to be just like the detective. He even went so far as to imitate him in appearance. He draws dark circles under his eyes with make-up and walks hunched over. Beyond has freckles to set him apart, however, and he is usually seen wearing the same kind of white sweatshirt and sloppy blue-jeans as his mentor.

Abilities Edit

He has exceptional intelligence, and was believed to be the most likely successor to L for his generation. Beyond that,  Beyond is a relatively normal human, if not for being exceptionally eccentric. He is also extremely resourceful.

Personality Edit

B B Is extremely eccentric and goofy. He's also got shinigami eyes, and has since birth. This has made him very sensitive to death and dying, and twisted his outlook in many ways. Beyond has an intense inferiority complex, and has come to both worship and despise L in the same breath. He gets up every morning and grooms himself to be more like L, while in his heart hating that he's been forced to conform to someone else's image. First and foremost, B wants to be more then L, wants to step on and over L rather than becoming him.
In a normal situation, Beyond can come off as friendly if not seriously weird. He's prone to eating jam by itself with his fingers and drinking coffee that's more syrup than anything. Beyond is always thinking, always several steps ahead. He's extremely resourceful and good at reading people. The one mistake he ever truly made was in underestimating someone else's intelligence and capability. This is a sign of his twisted inferiority complex. B's hatred of being walked on is a manifestation of his own arrogance.

History Edit

The second orphan taken in by Watari in an attempt to make a replica of L, Beyond Birthday was a genius in his own right. When he became B, he took on the code name 'Backup'. His predecessor, the first A, killed himself when he buckled under the pressure of striving to be like L. Beyond reacted in a different way, and instead of breaking entirely simply decided that he would become better than L. His twisted mindset carried him through his years at the orphanage and into adulthood. He became obsessed with L to the point of twisting his own body and habits in order to mimic him.

B ran away from the orphanage, perhaps as a manner of beginning his personal crusade. During this time, he formulated a plan to defeat L. The problem was that L was the perfect detective; there wasn't a case he couldn't solve if he put his head to it. This was when Beyond decided that his only hope to be better than L was to create a crime that could never be solved. In doing so, he committed a series of so-called murders, three in all and a planned fourth. These came to be known as the Los Angeles Wara Ningyo murders, or the BB murders. Everything about the murders were concealed in difficult code. They were locked room murders like the ones popularized in old detective novels. Something was different with them however; most locked room murders were committed in order to make a murder look like it was a suicide. This was not the case with the BB murders.

The room was locked, and yet each victim was killed in a distinctly different manner. There was no attempt at disguising the fact that these were murders. L got involved the moment he recognized what Beyond was doing. He mobilized FBI agent Naomi Misora, and started guiding her through the murders. Upon investigating the first murder scene, Naomi met a self-proclaimed private detective named Rue Ryuzaki. For the majority of the book, the reader (if familiar with Death Note at all) would be lead to believe that this man is in fact L in disguise, helping Naomi solve the mystery. Why? Perhaps for his own amusement, yes? Wrong.

Upon a phonecall with L, Naomi learns that he's known the whole time who the murderer is. He divulges this information to Misora, who is utterly baffled by it. She does understand the fact that they need the evidence in order to prove this. In the end, it turns out that it was Beyond Birthday himself who had befriended Misora, using his alias Rue Ryuzaki. He worked alongside her in order to keep a close eye on L's actions, but he underestimated her. On the day upon which he planned on committing the last 'murder'- by killing himself, He wanted L to think he was almost there- had almost found the solution before the last of the four straw dolls (wara ningyo) had been spent and the final victim-the murderer himself would be burned beyond recognition. L would be unable to make an arrest, unable to complete the case. This was Beyond's goal all along. Naomi suddenly put the pieces together and rushed into the room in time to put out the fire that he had set to himself. (just before this is where I'll be taking him from)

Thanks to Naomi and L, Beyond Birthday was put behind bars for his crimes. In his own head however, he had only carried out the reaper's work: Each person who he had targeted had had a lifespan above their head that was just about to run out. He died several years later in prison of a mysterious heart attack.

Facility Facts Edit

  • Upon his arrival at the facility, he gained great interest in Lavi from D. Gray Man; because his name was ever changing, like a slideshow.
  • He's taken quite a liking to Light Yagami, because he did what he could never accomplish in defeating L.
  • During the food deprivation test, he murdered Near in an attempt to curry favor from Light. Shortly afterward, Mello shot him and let him bleed to death in a closet.